JSC "Gomel Chemical Plant": transformation through innovation



   In 1960 the State chemistry committee of the Council of Ministers of the USSR approved the construction of phosphorous mineral fertilizers and fluorine-free phosphate plant in Gomel. The actual construction started in 1963.


   On 27 December, 1965 the first production line was launched as sulfuric acid shop, central plant laboratory and secondary departments. 


   In short time there were commissioned production facilities of double granulated superphosphate, that of wet-process phosphoric acid, fluorides shop and nepheline fire retardant shop. In 1970, ahead of schedule, complex-mixed high-analysis fertilizers facilities were introduced. 1974 the complex on production of granulated ammophos, phosphoric acid (home equipment used) and fluorides was launched.


   1978 Gomel chemists started pilot production of sodium sulfite. They were first in USSR to produce the product by the new continuous so called 

wet process.  In 1980 the portion of complex fertilizers shop operating with phosphoric acid underwent revamp.  That very year, the sulfuric acid shop (СКЦ-2/SAS 2) with design capacity of 450 ths. ton of monohydrate was put into operation. 


   In 1981 300 ths. ton a year granulated phosphogypsum production started. 

   1989 there was held retrofitting at sodium sulfite shop aimed at capacity increase up to 30 ths. ton a year  along with reconstruction of  double superphosphate shop (ЦДС/DSS) with conversion to production of NP 6-46. In 1994 DSS underwent revamp and switched over to ammoniated superphosphate production (design capacity 55 ths. ton of 100 per cent P2O5 annually).


   In 1995 complex fertilizers shop  (ЦССМУ/CFS) started production of 15-15-15 and 16-16-16 grades, in 1996  that of 5-16-35 grade; in 1999 production of  7-15-29 grade with boron was organized; since 2000 bioactive additions fertilizers have been produced.


   Starting in 1998 crop protection agents have been produced. From after 2000 granulated ammophos shop (ЦГА/GAS) produces NPK fertilizers.


   On 7 July 2000 Gomel chemical plant was renamed as Republican Unitary Enterprise «Gomel Chemical Plant». 2003 RUE "Gomel chemical plant" was renamed as Open Joint Stock Company "Gomel chemical plant". The same year double superphosphate shop switched over to production of ammoniated superphosphate of 8:30 grade. Nowadays the first stage of sulfuric acid revamp is finalized. Design capacity is 500 ths. ton of monohydrate annually. Dry blending unit with design capacity 100 ths. ton of physical product is in operation. Herbicide "Белфосат"/Belphosat is produced.