Nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizer

Description: ТC BY 400069905.022-2003, CC FEA 3105 20 1000, CC FEA 3105 20 1000

It is a complex granulated fertilizer containing all three principal elements that are necessary for the vital activity of plants and water-soluble sulphur as well. Due to the variety of produced grades this complex fertilizer can be matched individually by reference to specific features of soil types and grown crops with the appending of microelements to the main grade and change in the assortment and quantity of macroelements. The grades included in the assortment list of produced NPK fertilizers are as follows: 16-16-16-6(S), 7-20-30-3(S), 8-19-29-3(S), 8-15-30-5(S), 6-16-35-2(S), 6-21-32, 7-16-32-3(S), 7-17-31-3(S), 6-24-12-6(S), with the essential set of microelements (B, Zn, etc.) as well.

Appearance: granules of the pink colour. 

Packaging and transportation: 

• polypropylene bags with the weight capacity of 50 kg, 25 kg; special soft containers of “big-bag” type, weight 500 kg; for retail trade – polyethylene bags (3 kg).

• transportation is made in bulk in a specialized rolling stock; in package - in open waggons and covered waggons.

Technical Characteristics: