Catalogue of products for the domestic market

Designation: Superphosphate

Description: TC BY 400069905.023-2004

Ammoniated superphosphate is an effective nitrogen-phosphorous fertilizer. 

It is applied to various soil types for all agricultural crops both on open and protected ground, as a basic fertilizer (in autumn and spring during replowing or spudding) and/or as a seedbed-applied one (in rows seedbeds).

Superphosphate facilitates the development of root assemblage, shortens the period and enhances the steadiness of the fruit’s ripening.

The usage of Ammoniated Superphosphate in nuclear-contaminated areas deters the transition of radionuclides into alimentary products.


Recommended rates of application: for potatoes – 20 g/m2 during the spudding in autumn and 10 g/m2 into seedbeds during the sowing; for rathe-ripe cabbage, red cabbage, Brussels sprouts and turnip-rooted cabbage – 35 g/m2, medium-ripe and late-ripe cabbage – 60 g/m2; for carrot – 50 g/m2, for red beet – 40 g/m2, radish (all breeds) – 35 g/m2, cucumbers – 75 g/m2, tomatoes – 70 g/m2, onion and garlic – 40 g/m2, wild strawberry – 10 g/m2.

One tablespoon holds 20 g of the fertilizer.


Keep cool and dry, away from children and animals, separate from alimentary products.

Wash your hands thoroughly after using Superphosphate.