Catalogue of products for the domestic market

Designation: Azophos

Description: TC BY 00751025.001-94

Product Recommendations: "Azophos" fungicide is a brand-new, environmentally friendly, effective agent for countering various fungoid diseases of potatoes and tomatoes (phytophthora rot, Alternaria blight, brown patch, bacterial blight), horticultural crops (favus), cucumbers (root rot). The herbicide’s effect is roughly analogous to that of Bordeaux mixture, however, besides that it also provides foliar fertilization of plants, increases their yield, ensures the products’ safety.

Usage rate: 5-8 to 60-200 g per 10 l of water depending on the crop to be treated and on disease type.

Usage rate for the resulting fluid (see above) — 300 l/ha. Sprinkle the fluid until the plant’s surface is evenly covered. The “Azophos” fungicide is considered a moderately toxic agent (3rd hazard class).