Catalogue of products for the domestic market

Designation: "Pilaround Extra" Herbicide

Description: TC ВY 400069905.044-2014

"Pilaround Extra" Herbicide is designed to annihilate monocotyledonous, dicotyledonous, annual and perennial weeds.

This herbicide’s active fraction is N-(phosphonomethyl) glycine (hereinafter referred to as "glyphosate"), which is contained in the agent as a muriate of N-(phosphonomethyl) glycine - (glyphosate muriate).

The herbicide itself is an aqueous solution containing 550 g/dm3 of glyphosate as glyphosate muriate.


Technical Specifications


Indicator name

Normal value

External appearance, color

Amber-colored liquid

Mass fraction ofglyphosate muriate, g/dm3

640,2 – 707,6

Mass fraction ofglyphosate acid, g/dm3

522,5 – 577,5

Density at the temperature of (20±1) °С, g/cm3

1,36 – 1,39

Exponent of hydrogen ion activity in a solution with the mass fraction of the herbicide equaling 1%, рН

4,5 – 6,0

Agent stability:

2 weeks at 54 °С,

1 week at 0 °С