Description: TC ВY 400069905.030-2006

Ammophos is a high-concentration granulated nitrogen-phosphorous fertilizer, various grades of which are produced, such as: 12-52, 12-50, 10-46, all of which may include additional microelements: S, B, Zn etc. Ammophos may be applied to any soil types for basic and drilling application, for fertilization during the vegetation period, to major crops both on open and protected ground. Well-timed application of Ammophos provides protection for root assemblage, enhances the plants’ freezing tolerance, accelerates the formation and ripening of the fruit, augments their quality attributes during storage.


Rate of Application (RoA):

1) during soil spudding in autumn or spring: 15-25 g (1-1,5 tablespoons) per 1 m2;

2) for fruit trees in early spring during soil spudding: 15-30 g (1-2 tablespoons) per 1 m2 of the tree’s pan simultaneously with nitrogenic and potassic fertilizers;

3) row-application during sowing – 2-3 g (0,5 tablespoons) per 1 rm and 0,5-1 g into the seedbeds while sowing seedlings (note: intermixing Ammophos with the soil is mandatory in this case);

4) for fertilizing vegetables, wild strawberries, floricultural crops – 4-5 g (1 tablespoon) per 1 m2;

5) in hotbeds and greenhouses: 40-50 g per 1 m2 during soil spudding, simultaneously with nitrogenic and potassic fertilizers.